Oven Mitts

You want the best oven mitts you can have for better protection of hands, fingers and arms from painful burns. Modern oven mitts are form-fitting, allow for free movement, save the hands from heat and do not melt or burn when exposed to open flames.

Life Quintessentials Silicone Oven Mitts

Grey silicone oven mitts

These mitts have the classic oven mitt design. They can withstand temperatures of up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a good choice for professional and lay cooks alike. They have some additional length in order to provide you with forearm protection. The exterior of these is made of 100 percent textured silicone, allowing both heat protection and added grip. They are lined with a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester to provide your hands and arms with breath-ability and comfort. The silicone is also waterproof, helping you to avoid burns from steam and hot water as well. These mitts come in a variety of colors to appeal to your fashion tastes and sensibilities.

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Yoheer 932F Oven Mitts

Yoheer oven mitts

Another option that resists extreme temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, the Yoheer Mitts deserve their place on our list of the top mitts. They have 100 percent cotton lining to keep your hands and forearms free from sweat and are form-fitting, allowing you the versatility of movement you need. These mitts have raised silicone grips and silicone striping to provide you with terrific grip. You’ll be able to open jars and other items with ease when you wear these gloves.

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TTLIFE BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves

Made to withstand extreme temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, the TTLIFE BBQ Grilling Cooking Gloves have the features you want. These mitts are form-fitting and 14-inches long, allowing you greater dexterity while also protecting your forearms from burns and heat. The mitts are made of a blend of Kevlar and Nomex fibers so you can keep the heat outside where it belongs. The insides are lined with 100 percent cotton to keep your hands and arms comfortable and free from sweat. They have terrific grip so you can easily open jars. The right and left hands flip and are fully interchangeable, and one size fits most people. These range in price from $21.99 to $50 per pair, but they can be trusted to last a long time and are fully machine washable.

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BlueFire Heat Resistant Cooking, Grilling, Welding Gloves

BluFire Oven Mitts

Another top oven mitts choice is the Bluefire Heat Resistant Cooking, Grilling and Welding Gloves. These mitts are highly versatile and allow you to use them for everything from grilling to your next welding project and are highly durable. They are certified to withstand temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to being highly resistant to heat, the mitts also are cut-resistant, allowing you to handle knives and other cutting instruments easily. They are form fitting and made of a blend of Kevlar, Aramid, Nomex and silicone fibers. They have silicone grips so you can easily pick up items. Extending up your arms, they protect your forearms from the high heats involved in cooking, grilling and welding.

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