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Amazon oven mittsTo understand how Amazon has become the world’s go-to online retailer, let’s look at buying a commonly ordered product, oven mitts from Amazon from A to Z.
Along this journey, we’ll look at how Amazon started, how to select, order and ship your oven mitts.

From online bookstore beginnings, Amazon.com, Inc. expanded into electronics then dominated the online marketplace with general merchandise.

Last year, Amazon surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer with websites for 15 different countries. In the 24 years after Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in Seattle, WA, they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers.

Their name, Amazon, after the humongous South American river that discharges more water than any other, presaged the company’s growth and symbolic flooding of merchandise into the marketplace.

Familiar friends: cotton oven mitts by Amazon

Be they ever so humble, cotton oven mitts remain a top consumer choice for their low cost, comfort and easy care. Probably most shoppers already have a pair of these in their kitchens for taking heated dishes out of microwaves and ovens, so they probably know about what they want.

Excellent descriptions of oven mitts by Amazon inform buyers about essential information: materials, styles, length, sizes, and colors – probably the only information they’ll need to make an informed choice.

However, the many choices beyond cotton oven mitts, such as silicone oven mitts from Amazon, bear a closer look at Amazon’s listings before buying.

Hybrids: the best of both worlds

For example, a pair of hybrid oven mitts could be considered crossovers, with silicone on the outside and quilted cotton and terry cloth on the inside. Amazon notes, that the waterproof silicone adds gripping qualities, safe food handling, plus heat resistance to 500 degrees F, which makes them safe to use with the barbecue or smoker.

The silicone oven mitts with cotton lining keeps the user comfortable and safer in hot conditions than all-cotton oven mitts. The price for these red, 13-inch-long oven mitts is $17.98 a pair.

Destiny is in the stars…and customer reviews

In addition to very specific product information, Amazon provides customer rankings on a five-star scale. In the case of these Honla oven mitts from Amazon, most of the buyers have awarded an average of 4.9 stars, which is phenomenal. Knowing that could give confidence to future buyers.

Additional information can be found in the written reviews. Although some reviewers receive a discount, they have to state that, and tend to include negative product comments as well.

Two negative comments for this product were: it only comes in one large size and that care instructions were not included with the product. However, the product description states that they are machine washable. These real life reviews can let potential buyers know, what real world users of oven mitts from Amazon think.


When delivery time is not an issue, you could select regular shipping. However, your Amazon oven mitts or other items can take up to 10 days to deliver. Value shipping has a minimum shipping charge of $3.95 per item, but faster value shipping is available at about twice that price.

The top choice for those who buy more than a dozen times a year on Amazon, spend more than $35 each time and want items quickly, is Amazon Prime.

And, there’s more

Amazon’s blazing fast delivery system is $99 annually, and for that you can order any Amazon Prime items shipped to you free in two days. Amazon could pay for itself in shipping savings alone in a year.

But, there’s more. In addition to free shipping, with Amazon Prime you can take advantage of Netflix-like streaming service and several other special offers at no additional cost.