Imagine yourself crawling out of your cave on a chilly prehistoric morning, rubbing two sticks together because you had learned that they get warm to the touch and can warm your hands on a cold morning. Suddenly a spark flies off, igniting some nearby dry grass. You reach over to touch it and quickly learn that fire is hot and can burn you.

Ever since that discovery, mankind has been wary about being burned from the fire and things heated by the fire. Clever minds invented practical ways of getting heated containers off the fire safely. Various tongs and hooks served that purpose in outdoor settings.

When people began living and cooking indoors, more flexible methods of getting things off the wood-burning stove and bringing items to the table evolved, such as cloth towels and potholders. Those were convenient and inexpensive and are still being used in homes for snatching hot items from ovens and microwaves.

If the item is too hot or the potholder too thin to handle the job, there still may be a risk of getting burned. Using a wet potholder to take something out of the oven could be an accident waiting to happen.

It quickly reminds us that water is a good conductor of heat, and as our hands get uncomfortably warm reaching into a hot oven to grab a hot container, we may involuntarily drop the load, scattering the family’s dinner all over the floor and possibly burning ourselves in the process. Thanks to revolutionary silicone oven mitts, those days can be behind us.

Find your best oven mitts

When you are searching for oven mitts, it is important for you to consider their length, the amount of heat they resist, the materials out of which they are made, the ability of you to easily move your hands and their comfort.

With our best seller list you’ll find that they have the features you want and need, whether you are a professional chef, a welder, a grill master or simply someone who loves to cook but who hates the burns cooking can cause.