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ikea near me

How an IKEA Near Me Solved my Furniture Crisis

Think of the first place you’ve ever lived on your own. After years of family and likely roommates, you finally have control over your space. I moved into my first apartment near the university, and an IKEA near me allowed me to make my own space.

University is an exciting time for many. We go out on our own, often for the very first time in our lives. With a new schedule, new town, and new friends, it can be as overwhelming as it is fun.

After I moved in, I needed to furnish my new home in one stop at prices I could afford, and IKEA near me solved my woes.

My First Apartment

September rolled around with the iconic crisp breeze and the exciting bustle that comes with autumn. The excitement was familiar to me, but this September saw something new. This was the first year I’d be living off-campus. Little did I know that IKEA in my area would be my first shopping trip.

I walked into my very first apartment with bated breath. I adored the cozy atmosphere of my new apartment and could easily envision myself curled up in the little alcove as a reading nook. A desk set up on the other side of the alcove would make it perfect for schoolwork. I’d even decorate it with cute knickknacks and even a plant or two.

I walked around the space as I pondered how everything should be set up. My first apartment on my own, and I was determined to make it my own. Something I would later learn that IKEA would solve.

My friends just helped me unpack what little I had. That’s when I realized all I had was a bed, my dresser, and some pots and pans from my parents. Unlike living on campus, I had to furnish my own apartment.

I dug out my phone and searched for furniture stores in my area. I needed quite a bit to make this apartment my home, but I was floored by the prices I saw. There was no way on earth I could afford those prices on student loans and a part-time position.

Finally, I searched “IKEA near me” to solve my furniture crisis.

IKEA Near Me to the Rescue!

I got the results immediately. Before heading to IKEA, I decided to browse their website to see if I could afford everything on a students’ budget. Scrolling through the immense catalog, I saw countless bookshelves, desks, and even potted plants that fit my quirky aesthetic and all at a price I could afford.

IKEA had it all. On top of the shelving, desk, and plants I searched for, they had floor lamps, gorgeous curtains, chairs, and accessories. Not only was their selection great, but IKEA was cheaper than any furniture store I searched for.

After some more scrolling and envisioning my cute-yet-functional apartment, I confirmed the hours of operation, address and got directions without leaving their site. All I had to do was grab my keys and head to the IKEA near me.

Once I got there, I was presented with even more options than I could imagine.

I Furnished my Apartment in One Trip

I didn’t have to drive far to the IKEA near me. The parking wasn’t as overwhelming as I imagined a big box store to be.

I wandered around the store for a while. Overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options, I was grateful for the kind and professional help from IKEA’s staff.

Everything I needed was at IKEA. I found a desk and matching bookshelves that could fill my little reading/work nook and a low-maintenance potted tree to add some greenery to the space.

In addition to my reading nook, the IKEA near me had things I needed but wasn’t even thinking about. It somehow hadn’t occurred to me I needed to eat and things to eat with. I managed to find a table, kitchen organizers, silver wear, and a plate and mug set.

With my reading nook and kitchen figured out, I found an affordable loveseat, coffee table and nightstand to flesh out the other rooms of my apartment. My apartment was now fully furnished, and I only had to make one stop.

With prices I could afford and everything I needed to make my apartment my home, I could focus on what really mattered in those first weeks of classes. While my classmates scrambled around to furnish their apartments, I could do my work or simply hang out.

I will never forget how an IKEA near me allowed me to make a home out of my intimidating first apartment.