Best Anal Lube

How to Pick Lube for the Best Anal Experience

The best anal lube will give you more oohs and Aahs and fewer Ows. Picking the best anal lube isn’t easy, however. On Amazon alone, there are nearly 2,000 anal lubes and lubricant-related products. Of course, they all have fancy bottles and flowery marketing materials filled with braggadocio.

If you’ve had disappointment in the lube department before or if you’re hunting for a new product to display on your nightstand, you need to find out whether these lubes are telling the truth about their quality and ingredients. Whether you’re gay, straight or bi, here are the best lubricants for anal play that you might have in mind.

Best Anal Lubes for First-Timers

It’s normal for beginners to experience some discomfort during their first few attempts at anal. Desensitizing lubes that contain a local anesthetic will make you feel a lot better during the initial moments of penetration. Try a product like Passion Lube’s Maximum-Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube, which contains 3.5 percent lidocaine. Regulations prevent stores from selling stronger local anesthetics. A numbing lube can cut your discomfort in half without limiting the pleasant sensations.


Tensing up in response to the discomfort only makes it worse. A numbing lube will help you relax your body and butt muscles so that you have more fun. You’ll also feel more confident that it won’t hurt, so you won’t be as anxious. Anesthetic lubes will help even if you’re using a reasonably sized dildo for your first anal adventure.


Apply the lube 10 minutes in advance so that it has time to work without causing unwanted numbness or performance problems. If your partner is trying anal for the first time, a desensitizing lube will ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible.

Best Lubes for Women

Even if you want an anal-only lube, look for products that are specially formulated for your body. These lubes are pH balanced, so they don’t cause bacterial infections or skin irritation. Avoid lubricants that contain parabens, preservatives, fragrances or oils. This sounds like a long list of requirements, but a growing number of boutique brands offer additive-free lubes designed especially for women.

Although you can find additive-free water-based lubes, silicone is generally the best choice for anal play. Silicone is safe for dildos made from acrylic, glass or metal. Many women prefer silicone lubes, because they’re long lasting and provide a nice silky, soft feeling. Also, silicone doesn’t dry out or get uncomfortably tacky like some water-based formulas do.

The German brand Pjur makes a line of highly acclaimed woman-specific lubricants that are recommended by wellness experts and sex therapists. According to the manufacturer, Pjur’s Analyze Me formula is marketed to women who enjoy anal penetration. It contains silicone and jojoba oil. The brand clearly states which formulas are compatible with latex, rubber, polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms.

Best Anal Lubes for Men

The right lube can take your anal exploits to the next level. If you enjoy giving or receiving anal, you know that it’s important to have a lube withstands the friction and provides the right amount of moisture. The lubes that are available today can heighten your sensations and provide long-lasting lubrication. The lubes that were common years ago were sticky, awful and uncomfortable. Luckily, better products are now available outside of the local bricks-and-mortar drugstores, that always have the world’s worst selection of lubes and the world’s nosiest cashiers.

Unless you plan on using toys, silicone lubes are the best choice for men. Pjur’s Backdoor silicone lube is ideal for anal, penile or vaginal use. The formula is nearly identical to the brand’s top-rated Analyse Me lube, but it’s designed for men. It promises to offer intense anal penetration. If you aren’t fond of drugstore lubes or water-based options, a high-quality silicone formula can make a huge difference in the intensity and frequency of your backdoor action.

Best Anal Lubes for Couples

Whether you’re straight, gay or bisexual, select a lube based on your intent and preferred implement. If you and your partner enjoy using butt plugs, strap-ons or the real thing, make sure that your lube is compatible. Oil and silicone-based formulas are more likely to degrade your favorite toys. Since dildos can be quite expensive, water-based lubes are the safest choice when you’re using toys.

If you’re looking for an effective water-based lube with good ingredients, Lynk Pleasure makes one of the most popular anal lubes on the market. It’s free from paraben, glycerin and propylene glycol, so you don’t have to worry about skin irritation or long-term health problems. Water-based lubes feel smooth and slippery, and cleanup is easy.

Active Partner

Everyone has different preferences about the type of lubrication that they like. Even among natural products, there’s a difference between the feel of olive oil and coconut oil. Water-based lubes are smooth, and silicone lubes are silkier. You and your partner may not love all of the lubes that you try. You should also consider your partner’s needs and whether either of you are sensitive to certain ingredients.

Passive Partner

Although silicone- and water-based lubes are generally recommended for anal, these might not be the right options for your body. If you’ve experienced problems using certain products, don’t give up on lube or anal. If you know that a certain formula didn’t work for you, look for suspect ingredients like glycerin and fragrances that frequently cause irritation. Most brands make silicone- and water-based formulas that might be better for your needs. You might also want to consider natural lubes. Aloe Cadabra is 95 percent aloe vera, so it’s free from almost everything, including paraben, glycerin, silicone and petroleum. It’s also perfect if you’re vegan.

Final Recommendations for Picking an Anal Lube

The bottom line is that the best anal lube depends on who’s asking and what you intend to do with it. If you have special concerns, the product reviews are a good source of information. You should also read the full ingredient list, so that you know what you’re putting on your most sensitive parts.

Finally, if you haven’t tried a premium lube yet, quality makes a big difference. You’ll use less of the product, and you and your partner will enjoy more anal. If you have to justify the slightly higher cost, the price to pleasure ratio is excellent.